Service Agreement for Sellers

Headliner's Verified Ticket Guarantee for Sellers:

  • Your tickets will be delivered by the in-hand date for the event.
  • Your tickets will provide valid entry to the event.
  • The tickets you provide will be the same as those that were ordered.
  • If any of these things do not occur, you will provide the buyer with comparable or better tickets to the event, or compensate for a 100% refund as well as any administrative fees incurred by Headliner.

If you are unable to complete any of the above in a timely fashion then you will be subject to the full amount incurred by Headliner to remedy the issue for the buyer

1Listing Tickets

When listing a ticket you can sell your ticket directly into an active bid, or you can set a price for which you are willing to sell your ticket for. You may modify (e.g. raise or lower the price of the ticket) or delete your listing at any time prior to the ticket being sold.

When listing tickets on Headliner, you must provide accurate and complete information about your tickets during the listing process as it is crucial for successful sales on Headliner. If you do not follow all of the requirements in this section when listing your tickets, your listings may not appear on the website, your sale may be cancelled, you may not get paid, you may incur fees (associated with us finding replacement tickets for, or refunding, the buyer and/or a fixed admin fee), Refer to Headliner’s Verified Ticket Guarantee for Sellers.

You are able to list tickets you own prior to them entering your possession as long as you provide us with an upload of a proof of purchase (e.g. screenshot, PDF receipt or an email confirmation of your ticket purchase). If your tickets sell and you fail to upload the tickets to the platform and it results in a customer being unable to attend the show, you will be subject to Headliner’s Verified Ticket Guarantee for Sellers.

By listing a ticket for sale, you are making a binding offer to sell the ticket to a buyer who purchases the ticket at the price previously specified when listing your ticket. When a buyer accepts your offer by purchasing your ticket through our website, you are contractually bound to deliver that exact ticket for the sale price listed and within the required delivery timeframe specified when completing your listing. You are obligated to monitor your inventory and ensure all listings are accurate. Failure to fulfill your orders will lead to charges as stated in the Verified Ticket Guarantee for Sellers.

1.1Ticket Delivery

Headliner will show you the delivery methods available for the event during the listing process. Not all delivery methods are available for all events. The delivery method determines the last available date to send tickets that are not In Hand and the date and time the listing will expire (i.e. no longer be visible to buyers). This allows you adequate time to get tickets to buyers before the event.

For all other events, when you start listing your tickets on the 'Sell Now or List Your Tickets' page, you'll select a delivery method based on the type of tickets you have - electronic tickets (e-tickets), ticket transfers, paper printouts, or traditional 'hard' tickets (such as tickets printed on card stock).

1.2List Valid Tickets

Only list tickets that you know are valid. It's your responsibility to make sure the tickets you list for sale on Headliner are valid. If you deliver incorrect, misrepresented, invalid, fraudulent or counterfeit tickets for any sale you will be subject to Headliner’s Verified Ticket Guarantee for Sellers.

1.3Manage Your Listings

If you choose to list your tickets on Headliner as well as on other ticketing platforms and you end up selling your tickets somewhere else or no longer have them in your possession, delete them from Headliner immediately. If your ticket sells on Headliner after it has sold on another platform, and you are not able to complete the sale, you will be subject to adhere to Headliner’s Verified Ticket Guarantee for Sellers.

1.4No Guarantee

Headliner does not guarantee that your ticket will sell. Headliner will not, for any reason, provide compensation for tickets that do not sell, even if it is due to the website’s unavailability from an outage, maintenance or listing delays.

2Transferring Tickets to Buyers

When your tickets sell, your sale is not complete until the buyer receives the tickets from you. Completing a sale means following all of the steps to deliver the tickets you sold, on time and as promised in your listing.

2.1Delivering Tickets on Time

As soon as your tickets sell, we’ll send you an email with a deadline to complete your sale, that is, the date by which the buyer must receive the tickets. The deadline to complete your sale is based on whether you told us your tickets were in your possession (“In Hand”) or not (“Not In hand”) - and if not, the date you identified as your In Hand Date.

When sellers deliver tickets late, worried buyers contact us wondering why they haven't received their tickets yet, when they should be looking forward to going to their event. And when a buyer gets tickets that don't match the information in the listing, we may need to take various remedial actions for that buyer including finding replacement tickets, providing refunds, etc. So if any of the information in your listing doesn't exactly match the actual tickets you deliver to the buyer or if you don't complete your sale on time, we may cancel your sale, you may not get paid, you may incur additional fees or you may be subject to other consequences. With electronic delivery, you will upload your ticket as a PDF file. To ship hard tickets, you need to use the correct shipping label and follow the directions in the confirmation email.

3Reporting an Issue for the Sale of Your Ticket

If you experience any of the following issues please contact us immediately at or phone at (510) 369-1789:

  • Can’t send tickets based on your in hand date
  • Can’t deliver them at all
  • Need to offer replacement tickets for your sale

4Consequences for Invalid Tickets

If we receive a report that tickets you sold on Headliner were not valid for entry, we'll investigate to try to determine what caused the issue, and, if necessary, we'll reach out to you to request documentation.

In this situation, except in cases where the venue or organizer/primary ticketer is responsible for the invalid ticket (as determined by our investigation), Headliner will hold you responsible for 200% of the ticket cost AND the cost to replace the ticket.

5Buyer and Seller Communication

There will be no communication between buyers and sellers. All communication will be conducted through Headliner via Intercom, email at, or phone at (510) 369-1789.

Headliner completes payouts to sellers via ACH or Paypal

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at, or by phone at (510) 369-1789. Thank you for using Headliner!